Computer Repair Los Angeles

Services Offered At Our Los Angeles Location

At California Computer, we know the importance of your computer, data, and time. We offer exceptional computer repair services in the Los Angeles area to guarantee the repair, maintenance, and proper saving of your data while saving you time by having one of our experienced technicians repair your device.

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Why Hire Us?

Our team of expert computer technicians provides dependable repair services for all desktop, laptop, PC, and Apple devices. Located conveniently in west LA, we employ advanced diagnostics and resolve performance issues with precision care - securing the ongoing functioning of your technology.

With experience assisting thousands of satisfied customers, both businesses and individuals trust our reliable support team for total peace of mind. We preempt problems through preventative maintenance and guidance - ensuring the continued service life and value of our client's critical computing devices.

  • Fast Service

  • Authorized Computer Repair

  • Locally Owned & Operated

  • 1 Year Labor & Parts Warranty

  • CompTIA A+ Certified Techs

We provide the following Repair Services For All Computers

  • Expert diagnosis and troubleshooting: We pinpoint issues with your computer to determine needed repairs.
  • Virus and malware removal: We thoroughly scan systems and safely eliminate harmful infections and security threats.
  • Hardware repairs: We have parts and skills for complex fixes, from replacing damaged screens to motherboard component-level micro-soldering.
  • Data backup and recovery: We rescue important files and emails from failed hard drives and corrupted systems.
  • Operating system installation: We can cleanly install or reinstall Windows, Mac OS, or Linux to boost performance.
  • Software troubleshooting: Glitchy programs and applications do not match our savvy software troubleshooters.
  • Computer cleaning & tune-ups: We clear out hardware dust, grime, and temporary files for maximum speed.
  • Wireless network setup & support: We ensure fast, reliable WiFi throughout homes and offices.
  • New computer setup & transfers: We expertly configure new systems and migrate data/settings from old devices.
  • Computer recycling & disposal: We securely wipe data from old machines before sustainable e-waste recycling.
  • Gaming PC Building & Optimization: We assemble high-performance gaming rigs with top components, fine-tune all software and hardware for maximum frames per second, and seamlessly smooth gameplay.

Apple Computer Repair & Support

Apple manufactures devices that function within a constrained environment. Although Apple's hardware and software are simple to use, maintaining and repairing their products presents numerous challenges.

At California Computer, we have an Apple Service Center to provide you with all your Apple product repair needs. We employ Apple-certified and trusted technicians whom Apple regularly refers. They provide same-day repairs for your iMacs, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Contact our Apple-certified service center at +1(800) 727-2552.

We will focus on our exceptional Apple computer repair service, which you can trust to provide reliable, high-quality repairs. Apple computers can be expensive to replace. Cost-friendly repairs will save you money and allow you to extend the lifespan of your existing device.

Our technicians are certified and trained in Apple product repair and maintenance. Services include:

  • Apple Computer Screen Repair: We replace cracked or malfunctioning Apple laptop and desktop screens with brand-new high-quality components.
  • Apple Data Recovery: We utilize powerful data recovery software and hardware to rescue files, documents, and media from corrupt, damaged, or deleted storage drives.
  • Apple RAM Upgrades: We upgrade your Mac's memory capacity with new RAM modules to improve system performance, allowing you to multitask intensely without lag or disruption.
  • Apple Data Backup: We configure ongoing cloud or external drive backups to securely protect your essential Apple data and ensure no productivity is lost from system failures.
  • Apple Hard Drive Repair + Replacement: We diagnose drive issues and replace or repair failed hard disk drives and solid-state drives

We pride ourselves in timely, professional Apple device repairs and upgrades. Contact or Los Angeles store today to maintain and enhance your critical Mac systems.

Lenovo Desktops & Laptops Computer Repair Service

As an authorized Lenovo repair center that fixes Lenovo notebooks, thinkpads, desktops, servers, and tablets. Our authorized technicians will repair any Lenovo products you may have, regardless of the damage, model, or year. Let us repair your Lenovo computer. Contact our Lenovo-authorized service center at +1(800) 727-2552.

California Computer provides complete repair services for all issues your Lenovo may encounter. Here are some of the issues that you can trust California Computer to resolve:

  • Thinkpad repair
  • DC jack repairs
  • Motherboard repairs
  • Screen repair and replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Keyboard repair
  • Memory and RAM upgrades
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Data recovery

 Click here to see a list of the Lenovo models that we service.

Asus PC Repair

As a certified ASUS service repair center, our technicians can restore your Asus laptop or desktop to peak performance. Gaming rig restorations are a specialty - high-performance portable powerhouses fixed with expertise.

Guaranteed same-day fixes provide rapid reliability. Our authorized status means remarkable repairs surpassing standard service limitations. Inventory on hand prevents supply surprises - common components allow for timely maintenance.

Solutions and Fixes We Implement:

  • ASUS Screen Replacements - Cracked or dim displays fixed briskly
  • Keyboard Replacements - Sticky or unresponsive keys
  • AC Adapter Replacements - Power connectivity restored
  • Battery Replacements - Long-lasting life and charge regained
  • Gaming Graphics Card Upgrades - Video power maximized for dominance
  • SSD Configurations - Storage optimized for lightning speed
  • Revitalize and maximize your ASUS computer with our authorized help. Call for the area's finest ASUS repairs from true experts.

Contact us today for any inquiries regarding our laptop and desktop repair services!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Computer Repair Services

How Do You Determine What My Repair Will Cost?

An exact quotation relies first upon an assessment to determine necessary fixes. We then offer formal estimates itemizing costs based on parts and labor. Transparent communication of all charges provides trust and assurance before starting services. Please know our pricing aims to give the best value while using OEM parts.

How Long Does it Take to Fix My Computer?

We fully understand the urgency of restoring one's productivity and functionality.

Our experienced computer repair technicians work diligently to diagnose issues swiftly.

We then provide expected timelines for any required part shipments and intricate installation procedures. Generally, most repairs are completed within 24 hours. If additional parts are needed, we will notify you with new estimates before repairs will be made.

What Steps Do You Take to Protect My Hard Drive Data?

We take the following steps to protect your data: 

  1. Strict Access Controls: Only authorized technicians directly involved in repairing your computer have access to your data. We enforce stringent access policies to prevent any unauthorized viewing or copying of your personal information.
  2. Data Encryption: Before we begin any work, your data is encrypted. This means that even if the data were to be intercepted somehow, it would remain unreadable and secure.
  3. Data Backup: As a precautionary measure, we create a complete backup of your system. This step ensures that in the unlikely event of data loss during the repair, we have an intact copy to restore from.
  4. Secure Network: Our internal networks, through which your data might be transmitted during diagnostics, are secured with firewalls and anti-malware systems to protect against any external breaches.
  5. Confidentiality Agreements: Our team members are bound by confidentiality agreements, ensuring that your data is not disclosed or discussed outside of the necessary repair activities.
  6. Clear Data Handling Protocols: We adhere to a clearly defined data handling protocol, which outlines the processes for managing and protecting client data throughout the repair cycle.
  7. Post-Repair Security Audit: After the repair, we perform a security audit to ensure that no data has been compromised and that your system remains secure.
  8. Transparency in Communication: Throughout the repair process, we maintain open and clear communication with you. Should any issues arise that may impact the security of your data, we will inform you immediately and take prompt action.