Why choose An Authorized Technician?

May 1 2021

An Authorized technician or Authorized Service provider also called an Authorized Service Partner is a company or an individual that is authorized to work on a product of the manufacturer, that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty period. To become an ASP (Authorized Service Partner) or Authorized technician, the individual or a team has to attain a certification test conducted by the company of the product that they are producing and serving i.e. Apple authorized technician will repair and do surviving of tablets and notebooks only but it will not service iPhones. Therefore an Authorized technician may pursue a narrow or comprehensive product servicing depending on their product coverage. A technician hired other than an authorized technician may void the warranty of the manufacturer’s product.

Large technology manufacturers such as Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, and HP are among those vendors who have their own designated Authorized technicians. Technicians in a particular vendor network may relatively range from small to specialized or highly specialized service providers.

In today’s competitive world. The marketplace demands high and robust performers that can withstand the field of success. IT departments try to find strategies to keep things running uninterruptedly aiming to give higher-value services that can have favorable ROI.

Although with limited resources, Lenovo’s forth thinking organizations have obtained a game plan to achieve higher value services seamlessly. Lenovo aims to offer a large portfolio of services that can help you to run your IT operations smoothly and strengthen your bottom line. Some of them include:
• Warranty and Protection Service- Maintain your PCs, tabs, servers, and other gadgets up to date with flexible support options
• Configuration Services- Keep accurate configuration of PC and security from the very first day
• Deployment Services- Ensure Systematically and automate labor-intensive, manual IT functions.
• Hardware Services- Take the benefit from hardware-specific experts
• Financial Services- Maintain the cash flow to preserve the cash flow, boost up in purchasing leverage and buy reducing the total ownership cost

Where to get an Authorized technician?
Of course, Several technicians are there who can repair the product very nicely. But it is wiser to get it repaired with an Authorized Technician because the authorized technician is an expert, skilled and knowledgeable one who will handle it and will give you great results. After all, the authorized one must have passed the certified exam administered by the company. When looking for a repair specialist keep in mind that you get it done by the authorized one.

Searching for the right Authorized technician is not easy. If you are searching online then you may have to spare little time, because many technicians are scarce. Getting your problem fixed is not easy also it may be costly depending on the work done in it. But at California Computer’s finest and Authorized technicians repair and fix the problem whether it is the hardware or software issue or equipment replacement, our technician will serve the best.

If you are wondering about the Authorized technician then you are in right place. California Computer is the most reliable, trustworthy, and effective source for the repairing of your product with updated and modifying facility and latest hardware and software processing.
Amazingly! California Computer provides you with the technician that can repair Thinkpads, LCDs repair, batteries, repairing of the motherboard, DC jack repair, DVD drives, memory and hard drive upgrades, keyboards, data recovery.

The technician at our Authorized Service Center will sort you every problem regarding the computer problem Some problems usually faced by the users are:-
• Virus removal and protection
• Wireless Router connection setup and Security
• Tune-up of system and optimization of services
• Network set up of home or office
• Information backup service
• Disaster information recovery service
• Recovery of deleted or missing files
• Log in Password recovery of Windows
• Migration of files from PC to PC
• Net connection-related problems
• Upgrading and installation of hardware
• Media and gaming-centred computers
• Repair, rebuild and installation of Windows
• Set up Parental control and training
• New laptop and desktop setup
• Thinkpad screen repair
• Repairing of broken or loose hinges of the laptop
• Damage repair due to cosmetic or liquid spill or dropped
• Cooling system repair of PC or Laptop
• Problem repair of PC or Laptop

Come to California Computer and get the solution to your problem. With our 20 years of experience, our team and professional technicians assure to fulfil your all computer needs. Our store contains around 50 notebooks on display and carries a massive range of brands.

We always put forward our technical experts at work, so that our customers can experience superior services. At our store, we sell a variety of laptops, smart gadgets/ devices, digital displays and products related to the network.