Let Lenovo Certified Tech Handle it

April 01 2021

Let your Lenovo get handled by a Certified Lenovo technician.

Technology is growing rapidly with the growing technology our daily lives are also linked with it in some way or other. Either via computer or through smartphones we all access technology. To keep your device in a good running climate is necessary.

What if Your Computer Undergoes a Problem When it’s in the Warranty Period?

An ( ASP) or Authorized Service Partner is an organization or an individual that is authorized to work on a product of the manufacturer, by checking the warranty period. Companies hire the certified technician only when the individual or a team attains a certification test conducted by the company of the product that they are producing and serving i.e. Apple authorized technicians will repair and do surviving of tablets and notebooks only but it will not service iPhones. Therefore a Certified technician may pursue a narrow or comprehensive product servicing depending on their product coverage. Technicians hired other than certified technicians may void the warranty of the manufacturer’s product.

Large technology manufacturers such as Apple, Asus, TOSHIBA, Lexmark, Xerox, SonicWALL, Fortinet, Mitsubishi, Lenovo, Samsung, and HP are among those vendors who have their own designated and certified technicians. Technicians in a particular vendor network may relatively range from small to specialized or highly specialized service providers.

Today, the marketplace demands high and robust performers that can withstand the field of success. IT departments try to find strategies to keep things running uninterruptedly aiming to give higher-value services that can have favorable ROI. Having a high-performing computer needs continuous repair and maintenance. Some might run their business in it or some might use a notebook to complete their coursework but when you experience a problem you might need a repair specialist. That’s when California computers will help up to sort out the solution to your problem.

Although you can get your Lenovo repaired by a local technician it may lead to undesirable results as you cannot trust and rely on others that too when you work professionally on your system. In comparison, Certified Technicians are reliable and trustworthy as they are appointed by the company. They will sort out your problem and you can go on again. After all, a Lenovo Certified technician understands how important your computer is to you. It will handle your Lenovo product without damaging your important data and information.

Is Your Computer Facing a Problem and it’s Not Under Warranty?

Computers have become a necessity in our life. We want them to work our way. A system that interrupts or runs badly, frustrates the customer. Sometimes it also happens that your system creates a problem and it’s not under warranty period. But when California computers are there you don’t have to undergo the pain.

Fortunately, California Computer is a Lenovo service center that repairs almost all Lenovo Notebook models, repair Lenovo Thinkpads, desktops, servers, and tabs. Several services are controlled by Lenovo repair center. Some of them include- Thinkpad repair, LCDs repair, batteries, repairing of the motherboard, DC jack repair, DVD drives, memory and hard drive upgrades, keyboards, and data recovery.

Given Below are Some of the Models that our Certified Technicians Repair at California Computers:

• T Series, T40, T400, T400S, T40P, T41, T41P, T42, T42P, T43, T410, and many more.
• R Series, R400, R50, R500, R50E, R50P, R51, R51E, R52, R60I, R61, R61E, R61I
• SL Series, SL300, SL400, SL400C and other SL series too

Similarly, it repairs X series Laptops, W series Laptop and Edge series too.
The technician at our Lenovo Service Center will sort you every problem regarding Lenovo product.

Some Problems Usually Faced by the Users Are:

• Virus removal and protection
• Wireless Router connection setup and Security
• Tune-up of system and optimization of services
• Network set up of home or office
• Information backup service
• Disaster information recovery service
• Recovery of deleted or missing files
• Log in Password recovery of Windows
• Migration of files from PC to PC
• Net connection-related problems
• Upgrading and installation of hardware
• Media and gaming-centred computers
• Repair, rebuild, and installation of Windows
• Set up Parental control and training
• New laptop and desktop setup
• Thinkpad screen repair
• Repairing of broken or loose hinges of the laptop
• Damage repair due to cosmetic or liquid spill or dropped
• Cooling system repair of PC or Laptop
• Problem repair of PC or Laptop

So, What are You Waiting For?

Either under warranty or out of warranty period. Our certified technician will handle your computer and will fix the problem more smartly and wisely.

California computers work effectively with their 20 years of experience, the team and professional technicians assure to fulfill all computer needs.

Our store contains around 50 notebooks on display and carries a massive range of brands.

We always put forward our technical experts at work, so that our customers can experience superior services. At our store, we sell a variety of laptops, smart gadgets/ devices, digital displays and products related to the network.

If you live in Los Angeles, then you need not panic. We at California computers will examine and fix the difficulty in your computer or any other device.

Let our Lenovo Certified Technician handle your Lenovo!