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Lenovo Service Center




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 California Computer is a lenovo repair center that repairs all models of Lenovo Notebooks, repair Lenovo Thinkpads, Desktops, Servers and Tablets. 

Lenovo Authorized Service Center technicians

lenovo repair center Services include: Thinkpad repair, DC jack repairs, motherboard repairs, Screen / LCD's, batteries, DVD drives, keyboards, memory upgrades, plastics, hard drive upgrades, data recovery.


Here are some of the models we repair at our lenovo service center. If you do not see your model listed, please contact our lenovo service station at +1-800-727-2552.

Authorized to repair following models at our lenovo service center :

T Series, T40, T400, T400S, T40P, T41, T41P, T42, T42P, T43, T410, T410I, T410S, T410SI, T420, T430, T430I, T430S, T420I, T420S, T420SI, T430SI, T430U, T431S T43P, T440, T440P, T440S, T450, T450S, T460, T460P, T460S, T560, T450P, T500, T510, T510I T520, T520I T530, T530I, T540P, T550, T520I, T530, T530I, T540P, T550, T560, T60, T60P, T61, T61P,

R Series, R400, R50, R500, R50E, R50P, R51, R51E, R52, R60I R61, R61E, R61I

SL Series, SL300, SL400, SL400C, SL410, SL500, SL500C, SL510

X Series, X300, X301, X40, X60, X60S, X61, X61S, X201S, X220, 220I, X230, X230I, X230S, X240, X240S, X250, X260, X120E, X121E, X130E, X131E, X140E, X200, X200S, X200SI, X201, X201I, X1 CARBON, X1 CARBON TYPE 20BS, 20BT, X1 CARBON TYPE 20FB, 20FC, X1 CARBON TYPE 3444, TYPE 34XX, 3443, XL HYBRID LAPTOP, X1 LAPTOP, X1 YOGA TYPE 20FQ, 20FR, X100E LAPTOP

W Series, W500, W510, W520, W530, W540, W541, W550S, W700, W700DS, W701, W701DS

Edge Series, E450, E450C, E455, E460, E465, E470, E550, E550C, E555, E560, E560P, E565, E570, EDGE 11, EDGE 13, EDGE 14, EDGE 15, EDGE E10, EDGE E120, EDGE E125, EDGE E130, EDGE E145, EDGE E220S, EDGE E30, EDGE E31, EDGE E320, EDGE E325, EDGE E330, EDGE E335, EDGE E40, EDGE E420, EDGE E420S, EDGE E425, EDGE E430, EDGEE430C, EDGE E431, EDGE E435, EDGE E440, EDGE E445


Our certified lenovo repair center technicians will support you with any sort of technical issues you are facing with your Lenovo products.


   Virus & Spyware Removal & Protection

   Wireless Router Setup & Security

   System Tune-up & Optimization Services

   Home/Office Network Setup

   Windows Repair, Restore & Installation

   Printer & File Sharing Setup

   Windows Vista to Windows XP Downgrade

   Remote Access Setup

   Parental Control Setup & Training

   Data Backup Services

   New Computer Setup (Desktops & Laptops)

   Disaster Data Recovery Services

   Thinkpad LCD Screen Repair

   Deleted/Missing Files Recovery

   Thinkpad DC Power Jack Repair

   Windows Login Password Recovery

   Laptop Loose/Broken Hinges Repair

   PC-to-PC File Migration

   Laptop Keyboard/ToucLenovoad Repair

   Hardware Upgrades/Installation

   Liquid Spills/Dropped/Cosmetic Damage 

   Computers Built To Specification

   PC/Laptop Power On Problem Repair

   Gaming & Media Center Computers

   PC/Laptop Cooling System Repair

   Internet Connection Problems


Tech Support: +1-800-727-2522 Ext 210

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