Asus 0A001-00080000

Compatible Models: G53SW, G73JH, G53JW, G73JW, G73SW, G72GX, G71GX, G71G, G74SX, ET2400IT, ET2400INT
Manufacturer: Asus
SKU: 0A001-00080000
Manufacturer part number: 0A001-00080000
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The ASUS AC Adapter provides immediate power access wherever you need it. With the AC adapter, you can charge laptop batteries from any compatible power outlet or simply remove the battery for prolonged usage of your laptop. Leave one adapter at home and keep another in the office so you don't need to take it on your daily commute. Prepare extra power adapters for your laptop for all locations you frequent, and your battery woes are solved.

Product Specifications:
Output: 19.5 V DC, 7.7 A, 150W
Input: 100~240 V AC, 50/60 Hz universal

**In order to make sure you buy the right adapter for your laptop, please check your model compatibility.

Alternate Part Numbers

  • 04G266009901
  • 04G266009902
  • 04G266009903
  • 04G266009904
  • 04G266009940
  • 04G266009941
  • 0A001-00080000
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